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Splash 20in30 entry

18 Stock and 2 Gossip Girl Icons

Stock images found from google images

I had so much fun getting back into the graphics groove making these! Photoshop was not the most cooperative at times, so they aren't perfect, but I am really proud of these icons. :)


autumn spring pastel colors summer winter
center crop nose down leaves gradient shape

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Nov. 8th, 2011

Santana’s Cuddle Time Playlist.
with commentanity help from Brittany
commentary, B.

Makes Me More- Kurt Schnieder This song was so hard to find but I needed B to hear it. It helps remind her that she means the world to me and I wouldn't be doing things I love without her.

Underneath it All - No Doubt You gots to love Gwen Stefani, and she did great things with this song. The peaceful vibe is perfect music to be getting my cuddle on.

Something - Jim Sturgess This came from that movie with the mermaids!! Britt, that was a movie effect, they can’t breathe underwater. They were just on drugs. *giggles*

Hello Beautiful - Jonas Brothers This one is alllll on Britt and her obsession with these brothers. I hold no responsibility for their beautiful, catchy music. Yeah but Santana hums this song under her breath sometimes when we wake up in the morning.


Chinese - Lily Allen This is the story of how I see my future with Britt. All I'm ever going to want is the perfect little moments that we have in between the big stuff.

Save Me From Myself - Christina Aguilera Santana always hugs me extra tight during this one. Say something about it. I dare you.

Blush (only You) - Pumb You said seven songs, I gave you seven. Not get out. I wants to get my lady snuggles on, and I wants it now.

<a href="http://s1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc435/makel0venotwar7/Made%20for%20me/?action=view&amp;current=maddie-3.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc435/makel0venotwar7/Made%20for%20me/maddie-3.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


My thoughts on last weeks episode of Glee can be defined by this post.

Also: Crack Houses, Leaked Set Lists, and Plans to Sabotage[which by the way were foiled by one Santana Lopez].

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Pimping tiem!

Come join gleeverse</lj> a creative challenge community for fans of Glee. There's something for everyone – fic, puzzles, graphics, games!
Sign up here to compete on one of the three sectional teams:
New Directions, Cheerios or Teachers.

If for some reason you are on my friendslist and NOT a part of gleeverse, GET ON THAT. This community is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love everyone there, it's a fun time to make graphics and write things and do really fun puzzles and games. Team Cheerios all the way!

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This is my entry for the I will not go down with this ship challenge at gleeverse

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

As she caught a glimpse of her fiance from across the room, Santana couldn’t keep a smile off of her face. Even after all of these years, she couldn’t help feeling like the luckiest woman on earth for having such an amazing person in her life. Moving across the dance floor, she took her lover into her arms and smiled at the look of shock on the petite girl’s face. As they moved together, she still couldn’t help the disbelief that the beautiful, talented, open and accepting Rachel Berry chose her to spend the rest of her life with. Wanky.



This mix is dedicated to 5 relationships involving Santana, made for the Fanmix challenge in Gleeverse. All of them are romantic relationships. The lyrics are in full, the way that I envision the two characters singing it as if it were a duet. Red lyrics are Santana’s, Blue the other person involved in the song, and Purple both.

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Beiste's Bingo Blitz

She ran to her blindly. Partly because the tears were blocking her vision, but mostly because Santana was suddenly the only thing she could think of. Santana said mean things to people all the time, but never to her. Only once, but she came back with sour patch kids and sweet lady kisses two hours later and spent the night apologizing. Santana was the only one to ever fix the tears, and Brittany knew she always would. They always came back to each other. They were right together, and they both knew it. Brittany knew that Santana was her always.

Santana had lived a lot of different places in her life. Her mom always struggling to keep a job, with Santana always struggling to keep up with the change of address. Kicking open the door with her foot, she set down the last of the boxes from the car and was immediately tackled to the ground. Fighting the grin threatening to spread across her face, she looked around the tiny dorm room as she hugged Brittany with all of her might. Yes, Santana had lived in a lot of places, but now, for the first time, she had a home.

Lord Tubbington really likes blue. That was the only explanation for it. Whenever Brittany wore something blue, he wouldn’t pout nearly as much when snuggling with her. Her blue socks always disappeared when she put them in the laundry pile, and her blue makeup was always gone the next day if she left it on her dresser overnight. That didn’t really bother her though except that one time when Santana stole blue lipstick for her Ke$ha number at the assembly and she found it all over Lord Tubbington’s fur the next day. She wonders why red’s not better.

Rachel Berry had always been average looking. Mildly attractive at best, but mostly she just blended into a medial existence on the scale of high school beauty, despite what her boyfriends had told her in the past. Boys she knew would say anything to try and steal her virginity, and she never trusted a compliment from someone with a known ulterior motive. When Quinn walked up to her after everyone else had left the choir room after the nose composite disaster and said “You’re so beautiful, you don’t need to change,” it was the first time that she truly believed that someone meant it.

I did a co-op with the lovely undrheavenskies
-chose theme and songs for fanmix
-wrote ficlet

-Put together mix and did cover art
-made banner for Ficlet



All Together Now::The Beatles by New Directions featuring Sergeant Handsome and the Pink Dagger

Sail the ship,
Boom, bam, boom
Chop the tree
Boom, bam, boom
Skip the rope,
Boom, bam, boom
Look at me
All together now

The Wonder Pets Theme Song::The Wonder Pets by bb!Gleeks

What's gonna work?
What's gonna work?

Together Again::The Muppets by League of Doom and New Directions

Cause no feeling feels like that feeling!
Together again....!
Together again!!

Sue Sylvester stalked over to the McKinley auditorium in a state of utter euphoria. She had just met with the booszy tart April Rhodes, and it looked like she about to finally crush William Shuester. Or at least get him out of the state of Ohio. Anything to have him and his luscious hair out of her way. Sue halted and took a quick swig of her protein shake to clear her head from that completely insane though she just had regarding William. Considering the amount of stress she was under it was perfectly normal to have an occasional irrational thought. Nothing to worry about. Ever more determined, she redirected herself towards the balcony she frequented while spying on the club’s rehearsal. Better to not be in close contact with Shuester while her thoughts were so amiss. She could gloat later, when all of her energies were focused on hatred and not this foreign thing in her mind that was scarily similar to jealousy, or worse yet, LUST. As she entered the auditorium she heard a poppy guitar riff start up, and mentally cursed for her need to reroute. It had apparently caused to to miss the Glee Clubbers finding out about Shuester’s betrayal and they had already moved on to singing their kitschy goodbye song. No matter, Sue could stand to witness a few tears. She settled herself into a chair she hadn’t remembered placing there and smiled at the impending sorrow as a oddly spirited Finn walked onto the stage counting and prattling on about something. She missed the words pouring from his mouth, but watched in amazement as he performed a perfect double backflip. and bounced into the darkness of the risers. Still confused by the extraordinary feat the neanderthal had just performed, Sue almost missed the brief flash of Sandy afforded by the sweeping spotlight. She quickly rose from her seat staring in horror and rage as Sergeant Handsome was quickly revealed to be on the stage as well. As the song came to it’s irritatingly joyful chorus, Sue stormed out of the auditorium, downing the rest of her protein shake in one swift gulp. She was fully intent on storming straight onto that stage to give her so called henchmen a what for about switching teams, when a sudden headache blurred her vision and caused to stop dead in her tracks. The headache subsided instantaneously but her vision was still slightly cloudy. Worried that she had finally gone into a rage powerful enough to blind her, Sue stepped into the closest bathroom and ran water over her face in an effort to cool down. As her vision cleared, she heard what sounded like children outside of the bathroom.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

There was never enough time for Will to do the things that he wanted to do. He had worked so hard on getting the glee club to where they needed to be, and then he had to leave right when things were getting good. He had been with Terri for so long, and had never taken the time to work through her problems. He had loved Emma from afar for too long that he didn’t know how to love her up close. Whenever he figured out how to do something, time had already stolen it way from him. Time was never on his side.

The lights hurt his eyes, but he started singing, just like he had had done every day in rehearsal for the past three weeks. She was standing there in her gold dress staring at him looking radiant and beautiful as ever, but the sunshine in her smile faded as soon as she remembered his existence. As he poured his heart into the Queen ballad, he wished that she had seen Shelby on the stage that day. The day that they had talked about Vocal Adrenaline's epic lights. Not as epic as her. No light could ever match her, the great Rachel Berry

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Glee20in20 Round 15

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Fanfic: Down

Title: Down
Pairing: All of the current canon pairings, but with strong references to Brittana
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 1,103
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee. I own the concept for this story and the character Sandra
AN: I used an original character for this story. Her description can be found here. :)

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Variations post

There will probably be more to come. :)


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